Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FAP Turbo Review Conclusion

Finally, with a system such as FAP Turbo it is important that you take the time to really understand how it works. For example what trading strategies does it support? Which of these has the most potential/ most acceptable level of risk for your investment? What options you can configure to control risks (setting automatic stop-loss orders for example)? What are the system draw-downs likely to be during a period of adverse trading?

FAP Turbo and other similar systems allow a period of trading with "play" money so that users can understand how to set up and run the software, and configure its performance to meet their requirements. It is strongly suggested that anyone should get properly acquainted with the potential of FAP Turbo before risking real money in the forex markets.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Automated Forex Trading Robot Fap Turbo

If you are thinking of trading on forex markets with an automated system such as FAP Turbo then you have a couple of decisions to make. Firstly are you happy with the underlying concepts on which the robot is based? Try to understand the strategies that the robot will follow, and why those will make a profit more often than they make a loss.

Secondly, are you happy passing control of your trading to a computer program. Although this might be emotionally difficult there are some positives, notably that the robot is not constrained by the natural human instincts of fear and greed. It will therefore implement the trading strategy the way the designers intended.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

FAP Turbo Perfect Money Making System?

The downside in this argument is that forex robot systems do not claim to be perfect money making systems! They are systems which implement certain strategies (technical market analysis techniques) which real traders have developed and used, and they make those strategies available to anyone with a PC and an internet connection.

Those forex traders believed that expert analysts could analyze the past performance of the market, and thereby predict the future. They particularly used information such as price movements, and volumes of trades, and they developed techniques such as charting (candlestick charting), Dow theory and Elliot wave theory. No one claims or expects that those techniques will always get it right. They just need to get it right more often than they get it wrong so that traders make an overall profit on their trades.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

FAP Turbo Forex Robot Systems

The growth in the retail forex (foreign exchange) market has been fueled by retail trading platforms (MetaTrader4 from MetaQuotes is an example), which enable private individuals to trade foreign exchange from their PCs. Forex robot systems (example FAP Turbo) work with that platform, and run various autotrading strategies which (hopefully) make some profits for the user.

One point of view holds that if a perfect money making system existed then why would anyone want to sell it to you. This leads to the inexorable conclusion that all forex robot systems must be scams.

Friday, July 30, 2010

FAP Turbo Scam Or Perfect System?

Many people who have experience with Forex automated trading systems such as FAP Turbo may feel that some purchasers have naive expectations about how much money they are going to make. When things don't work as they planned, those purchasers then cry out that the system is just a scam. Those same experts may also feel that much of the marketing buzz around the product is over hyped, with claims that the product will be ideally set up in its out-of-the-box state, and no intelligence, thought or other intervention is required by the user. This article attempts to answer the question: FAP Turbo Scam or Perfect System?